CHUK Academic Day

Monday morning rolls around. I am awakened at 5am by the calls of the muezzin in the nearby mosque. Well, might as well get the day started. My morning shower lasts an invigorating 1.7 minutes, since there is no hot water for some reason. And the water pressure is low, but I manage to have enough to fuel the shower head. Somehow I keep thinking Marcel had had the same problem when he was here……..hmm. Anyway, Mo has much better luck; he had showered the night before. After a cup of coffee, we are off.

The hospital (CHUK), is about 3 km away, or a 20 min walk. We are met by Benjamin, one of the residents who is more than happy to show us around. The layout of the hospital is in pavilion format, with each pavilion hosting a different service/specialty. Morning report goes well, and then we transition to our lectures. My talk on the basics of peripheral nerve blockade and brachial plexus blocks goes uneventfully, despite my nerves. The Rwandan residents seem very interested in the ultrasound approach to blocks. Their clinical exposure to nerve blocks is quite limited (approximately only 5% of cases have such regional techniques), but they are eager to learn. They practice identifying landmarks on each other and scanning to visualize nearby structures. Mohamed gives an excellent interactive talk on physiologic changes on pregnancy. It is quite obvious that the residents have solid basic anesthetic knowledge.


The center grounds of CHUK










The residents

After a Rwandan buffet lunch at a nearby cafe with two of the HRH staff, Julia and Stewart, we head out to find the famous Nakumatt, a Kenyan supermarket chain. We manage to stumble upon it, as well as a pleasant next-door cafe bistro with an excellent coffee/chocolate/ginger drink. Some short purchases later we walk over to another building to get……………our gorilla permits!!!!! So excited. It also keeps our minds off the 85 degree weather. At this point I am pretty sure my total body water content is significantly less than 60% of total body weight. In any case, a short taxi ride later we are back at the hotel. Very thankful Mo speaks French. Very helpful here. My pointing in a southerly direction and saying “Nyamirambo” probably wouldn’t have taken me very far.

2013-03-04 14.53.57

Gorilla permit!










Tomorrow we start in the OR. Very interested to see what the caseload is.


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