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Last night, Stewart  the HRH officer from Harvard [BGW]  invited us to a dinner at his house with his family.  It was a kind gesture but also a warm welcome to Kigali. Albert and I were very excited to know that the food is 100% locally made by Stewart’s house helper. Although, it was rice, lentils and soup the taste was exquisite. The soup had a velvety texture with some unknown spices.. and of course this applies to the rest.. what I found interesting though, the majority of the meal served contain french fries…. they sell waffles too everywhere ..I am thinking Belgian culture.. Afterwards, we had a tour of Kigali..we passed the parliament, the MTN mall.. and the ministry of gender identification [MDI] no kidding !!!!!.”we have a book for that in the US”… in reality, it is a Rwandese initiative and it is the only kind in Africa as  far as I am aware off.. according to Stewart, it actually  surveils gender equality in Rwanda..from my understanding.. impressive!!!! Today while walking back from the hospital, Al and I were attracted by the smell of rotisserie.. a smell very familiar to me.. I  could not resist but put my nostrils to task to spot the place.. and we found it.. a run down gargotte where they sell brochettes!!!! man they were delicious.. will see what happen tomorrow.. if all is well we will go again..Walking back and forth from the hospital has been a blessing so far.. it is about 30 min.. but for some serious heat and humidity. Today we worked in the OR.. I visited the maternity and Al stayed in the main where he helped with a decortication for an 8y/0.. his eyes were about to pop out of his glasses [Albert’s eyes of course] from excitement.. The maternity floor, is typical of a developing  country, a mix of new and old, clean and less clean, but overall functions as optimally  as you can get. Today we have decided to listen to some live local music at one of the hotels and have brochettes.. they are really good.. The hospital has a pretty good case load in both the main OR and the OB/GYN OR ( 8 cases per day at least in the OB/GYN.. the majority get cancelled somehow because of poor pre-op !!! well.. I guess it is everywhere the same pattern of practice.. one case was cancelled today for a BP of 234/120.. multiple recordings…another secondary to pancytopenia..felt sorry for the first one cause she lives at the Congo’s border..It has been a lot of fun so far.. I am enjoying it hope it will continue this way..There is a view of Mont kigali the highest top in town, and for the nostalgics here is some Thiopental, a glostavent [ it has its perks but I Kind of like it] and then Dr Bona, Dr Isaac and myself posing by the OB OR board.. running the board is so easy…….this blog would not be complete without  the safe surgery checklist.. I wanted to introduce them to the concept of time out.. I leave the answer out to your imagination..  I will upload the Mont Kigali pick next time….                                                                                                                         DSC_0107DSC_0110DSC_0109

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