This past weekend we went to Akagera National Park, in the eastern province. The park is bordered on the east by Tanzania, and runs approximately 180km north to south, if I remember correctly.




It really was a great place to visit.

We had the opportunity to observe various species of birds, mammals, and flora. Our tour guide Emmy was fantastic. Soon after our arrival into the northern part of the park, we were greeted by zebras, gazelles (4 types), water bufallo, steers, eagles, and giraffes. Pretty good turnout! As the day progressed it got to be pretty hot, but we were still able to come across hippos (with a baby hippo!) and wild boars.


After an overnight at a park lodge, we set out back to Kigali, visiting the presidential museum and the genocide memorial. At the presidential museum’s back yard Mohamed made sure to pick up some “presidential avocados”, from which we made a tasty tomato avocado salad. When we returned to the apartment, we discovered that the electricity had run out.  Luckily we had been told how to go about purchasing more, so there was not much delay in getting power again, but we really were surprised how quickly one can run through electricity even with just laptops and lights running.

Long day of teaching today, 4 lectures in all, but they all went well. Later this week we will be having a journal club with the residents, which is exciting.

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2 thoughts on “Akagera

  1. Marcel

    So cool to see Emmy again! Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. Mother and Father

    It is wonderful! Only a few privileged individuals have the opportunity that you are having. What a blessing.

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