These past few days have been full of developments.

First off, in the classroom, it seems the residents are progressing well in terms of knowledge and application. Today, after the usual monday lectures, we decided to make the academic day more interesting by having a jeopardy session. Luckily, it was well-received! We had both regional and OB questions, some of which were quite challenging and would leave CA3’s (myself included) hesitating to vocalize a coherent answer. After a competitive battle, Isaac’s team came out on top.

Second, we have started teaching at the Kigali Health Institute. The anesthesia tech students seem quite eager to learn, and after an airway skills lab, they asked if we could come back to teach cardiac and pulmonary physiology this week. Sure! We have also started running through brief clinical scenarios with the anesthesia techs at CHUK. They seem to enjoy it. A peds review last week, tomorrow will be a review of thoracic anesthesia. Despite limited resources and lack of lung isolation techniques other than intentionally right-main-stemming the endotracheal tube, the CHUK team does face thoracic cases from time to time. So hopefully this will be useful for their practice.

Third, we helped Julia (HRH staff) with a cardiac physiology lecture for the residents on Friday. The lecture was teleconferenced to Butare, which made it very efficient for learning.










Last, we finally made it to see the gorillas! We were lucky enough to be assigned to the Suza group, which is the largest group in Volcanoes National Park. So, the two of us and four other adventurers set off on a hike led by a park ranger. And, let me tell you, it was not for the faint of heart. I estimate a vertical climb of about 1000 meters, which took over an hour. When we arrived at the edge of the forest, I was totally soaked from sweat. Luckily, the gorilla group was only about 30 min into the forest. Quite possibly the most amazing wildlife experience I have had. The pictures don’t do it justice (and I’m sure Mo will add more). After about an hour with the gorillas, we hiked down the mountain and headed for Gisenyi on the shores of Lake Kivu. Great time there.

DSC_0314 DSC_0379

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