Ah!!!! Gorillas!! Gorillas!! The volcanoes national park visit of our genetically closest relatives was excitingly incomparable adventure. Gorillas… they are just majesties in the midst of the jungle. The Susa family, the largest group is just an example of a family living in the wild. The head of the family,  a silver back is just impressive, that guy was massive; I can assure you that none of the other male gorilla could measure to him. Around, his progeny playing and fooling about, some younger climbs on the lianas, others, on the back of their elders….

Truly, the climb was awesomely challenging. Although my heart was beating at 140, the views were just amazing. Every 200 meters up, the view was becoming more and more picturesque, to a point were you are at the same horizontal line as the tallest mountain you are seeing and only then you realize how high you are at.  After this amazing journey, we set way to lake Kivu for relaxation time. Another beautifully nested community-bordering Congo. Crossing the border to hike the dormant yet larvalicious volcano would have been a bonus. Back to Kigali, I was faced by the most challenging, pressure production situation I have ever been associated with, not awesomely so!!!!! I was delegated to care for a pregnant women S/P mitral valve repair 15 years prior but now non functioning (porcine graft) she missed her opportunity to replace it because of this pregnancy.  She is at 29 weeks NYHA IV a BP 80/45 and on A-fib (HR 100-130) you can see the picture.  With as little as an SPO2, two BP cuff to simulate an A-line, I can tell you she is still alive.  At the end of the day, when Albert and I wanted to visit the Ethiopian place, we called Eugene; he is our taxi driver when we need him. Anyway on our way to eat, he is mumbling to us that he needed to go home, something about his Madame… really did not understand until the fact. We stop by the hospital, and there is these two women hoping in the car. I glance at Albert who is now being squeezed by these two ladies to the far corner of the car and we started laughing…. The food was good. And yes LDC; if you read this blog, I can tell you that the food was delicious and there was plenty :)))))



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